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Bikes for Uganda

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Bikes for Uganda


About two years ago we heard about many Pastors in Uganda who have to walk for several hours every time they go to their Church in the village areas to lead a service, and every day of the week, they spend many hours walking to visit the Members of their Congregations.


Many of these Pastor do not receive a salary, so for them, life is about survival on a daily basis.  They are in desperate need of a means of transport, and the best form of transport is a bicycle.


The Ugandan bicycles are very strong, and they are often used to carry at least two adults or one adult and several children. Each bicycle becomes a multi - purpose means of transporting people and they are also used regularly for the transportation of produce to and from the markets.


Full Gospel Evangelism Decided to help purchase pushbikes to help these pastors carry out their ministerial duties.  We sent out appeals for help finance this project.  We thank God for everyone that donated to this project.


In this ministry we believe that we should be good stewards so therefore we wanted to make sure that the money we sent would be used for the purpose that is was raised for namely getting bikes to pastors that needed them.  I contacted my dear friend Pastor Jim Patterson who had been a missionary in Uganda for a number of years.  Through his contacts we were able to get the bikes to the pastors that really need them.


 We are now happy to report that many pastors have now received their bikes. We need your help to purchase even more bikes for the faithful pastors in Uganda.

Two pastors receive their bikes

The bike makes life easier for this past

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